It's time to share your events
with the whole community

Gone are the days of gymnasiums packed with the whole community rooting on the local high school team. Family lives far away, parents have day jobs, and students have homework; so why not bring the game right to them? With HSStream, you can broadcast all school events for the student body and community to watch live online.

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Get a complete pre-made package
or let us design a custom one

Many schools have never before experimented with live streaming, so we make it as easy as possible to get started. From the very beginning, schools decide each aspect of their production. Choose from our pre-made Starter & Standard Packages, or work with us to design a custom one perfect for your school.

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Whether you choose a package or a custom build, HSStream setups are expandable and future-proof. Our add-on features, such as including another camera angle or adding instant replay, allow existing setups to improve.

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We'll take care of the hard stuff. As part of your school's annual HSStream Service Fee, our team will handle creating a custom website for your school's network, and we will ensure your live stream player is always available. Also, if you ever run into trouble, a comprehensive video library of just about every issue you may encounter is waiting for you. If a more complicated problem arises, our tech support team is just a phone call away.

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Students participate in valuable hands-on experiences

Use your HSStream setup as a class or an exciting extracurricular.

Start a school TV station

HSStream setups are portable & capable of streaming any event. Using your package, offer a complete TV production class that lets students live stream the morning announcements, musicals, band concerts, and sporting events. Classrooms and the community can stream the network live.

Launch a live sports network

If you're not ready to launch a full-scale station, start an athletics film crew for streaming games live online. Using our setup, students will learn live production tools (such as graphics and instant replay) in a sports broadcasting class or in a club environment.

Our team will help

When you get your HSStream system, our team will visit your school in person to demonstrate the setup to the teacher or athletic director in charge. In addition, we can instruct a one day training workshop for students that produces a complete sample broadcast.

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